Mitch's Top 10 Films of 2016


I feel like that I've been to less movies this year than in years past but that this year definitely harvested a very decent crop.  As always I have missed a few that I shouldn't have but that's just the way it is.  As for the Top 10 Films of 2016, this is just the way that it is.

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ps. shame on those who do their list starting at one and going upwards.  I loathe you.

10.  Too Late

I hope you’re walk into “Too Late” with an empty stomach, because you’re about about to be served a whopping film buffet of awesome.  

9. Hail, Caesar!

It's the Coen Brothers for goodness sake!  Woefully underappreciated and absolutely marvelous.  

8. The Wailing (Goksung)

A daft mixture of Coen brothers dark inept humor, eye scorching gore, and a mystery worth chasing after.

7. La La Land

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling pair up for the third time and better than ever. The two’s natural chemistry is unparalleled in young Hollywood, and they don’t disappoint here.

6. Silence

At this screening I noticed a handful of people walking out before it was well over.  Most of the time that is an example of a poorly made film, but not always.  Martin Scorsese’s latest, “Silence”, is an example of the latter.

5. Everybody Wants Some!

Here is a film perfect in it’s slice of time, killer soundtrack, super talented unknown cast that shouldn’t stay unknown, and perfect in it’s easy going swagger

4. Hell or High Water

A summer film that feels like it should have been released in awards season.  Pine, Foster, and Bridges electrify almost as much as the biting script.  A knock-out must-see!

3. Moonlight

Tender and somber among many things, Barry Jenkins “Moonlight” is hard to quantify but easy to qualify as one of 2016’s best films.

2. Manchester by the Sea

Lonergan’s brilliantly unfolding script and Affleck’s sadness helps to traverse an incredibly deep and profound story.


Drum Roll Please....


1. Arrival

I wept watching this.  It arrived at the right time, how cathartic it is for a story to come along that shows the immense benefits reaped from such a noble endeavor that is communication. 

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Mitch's Top Films From 2016 (Ranked #20-11)

May be the lightest film going years since I've started the site.  I've seen about 65 theatrically released films in 2016 and as always I have a 'best of' list.  Here are Top Films of 2016 ranked 20-11.
...this film’s light will definitely shine through for all ages.
All of Ryan Reynolds strengths finally and properlly used in a movie.  About time.
...a wonderfully weird, wonderfully feel-goody film that shows the wonderful pleasure of incomplete people coming together for completion.  
Hearkens back to the beautiful misery that is “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.
I truly believe children can come out of this film with a better grasp on understanding why racism and stereotyping is wrong and hopefully so can some adults.
This is the type of modern horror which I’ve come to praise.
It may be the deepest and most thought provoking fart joke in cinematic history and is definitely worth a toot or two.
Denzel pisses me off sometimes with complete payday schlubs like “The Magnificent Seven”, but Denzel’s acting prowess is in the top 1% of every actor in the world and when he chooses to showcase that, well, you better buy a ticket. Buy a ticket to "Fences".
He mines that genre’s tropes for all it’s worth with his fantastic leads, and just like in “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”, he just absolutely rocks it with a very funny and very compelling detective story.
Just missing cracking the top 10 is Tom Ford's thriller that carries the feeling of getting lost in a good book where the dialogue jumps off the page, and that page gets closer to your face with each turn.

Mitch's Top 10 Best Films of 2015


Overall, 2015 was a pretty darn good year for film so without further ado, here are my Top 10 Best Films of 2015.

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10. It Follows

"It Follows" is a legitimately terrifying film, and David Robert Mitchell is a name now to be reckoned with.  


9. What We Do In the Shadows

Instant cult.  Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, fellow New Zealanders who worked together on 2007’s “Eagle vs. Shark”, join forces again to co-write and co-direct the very hilarious vampire mockumentary “What We Do in the Shadows.” 


8. Room

Room” is a fully realized landscape of the nightmares and triumphs of humanity.  Brie Larson will now be a household name.   


7. Carol

...a painstakingly great amount of detail to flesh out a story with great pain bound to it.


6. Anomalisa

Kaufman has crafted yet another heartbreaking look at the human psyche that is also achingly hilarious.


5. Tangerine

Baker delivers real L.A. atmosphere, and the film’s superb editing showcases the lovely chaos that envelops these characters.


4. The Big Short

Exhilarating, hilarious, and strongly infuriating.


3. Brooklyn

Brooklyn” will make you fall in love with falling in love all over again.


2. Creed

I cried so much that I got to snot phase.  Coogler, Jordan, and of course Stallone have given the long standing franchise an awakening and it's a knockout.  


Drum Roll Please...

1. Max Max: Fury Road

It not only delivers on my expectations but reaches the glorious heights of cinematic immortality. This is filmmaking at it's finest.  My only 5 star film of 2015 is "Mad Max: Fury Road".


Mitch's Top Films From 2015 (Ranked #20-11)

I review films so ergo, I make 'Best Of' lists, it's just the pretentious thing we all do.  But hopefully it highlights a few films you've missed and makes you want to watch other films for a second, third, or 5th time as in my case with "Kung Fury".  Here's my Top Films of 2015 ranked 20-11.


20. The Gift

Joel Edgerton's directorial debut “The Gift” is a very scary and a very thought provoking film.


19. Dope

Aspiring for “Risky Business” immortality, “Dope” just doesn’t have the concentration, but it does have your attention and your smile.


18. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation also has what most spy movies lack- intrigue…, well that and Cruise, and for those reasons alone the fifth entry in this series is impossible not to like.


17. The Martian

The script is good but Matt Damon is even better.  Ridley Scott delivers a fine crowd pleaser. 


16. Ex Machina

“Ex Machina” is an above average “Twilight Zone”- “Black Mirror” episode that is served well by it’s good writing and good performances.


15. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

J.J. Abrams may have recycled a lot of episodes 4-6 but it works none the less.  There’s adventure in the stars again and it feels so so good.


14. Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl

Showcasing young characters in an actual good movie. A very good movie at that.  


13. Sicario

“Sicario” in unflinchingly brutal, and among many things, you can thank Blunt and Del Toro’s powerhouse performances for that.


12. Spotlight

(McCarthy) leaves out the melodrama, there’s just real drama and real tension from real hard-nosed reporting. 


11. Kung Fury

The 31-minute short is nothing less than a masterpiece.  Wildly insane with rapid-fire silliness galore...


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Mitch's Top 10 Worst Films of 2015

Bad movies will never go out of style and out of the close to 70 films I saw in 2015, there were definitely some bad ones.  Here are my Top 10 Worst Films of 2015.


 10. Youth

Well reviewed amongst the masses but I found it to be high end drivel.  


9. Black Mass

There seems to be no point to “Black Mass”, and director Scott Cooper is simply putting pieces of a puzzle together. A puzzle that is incredibly boring.


8. The Boy Next Door

This is one of those films that would have been better if it would have been much worse.  


7. Get Hard 

Ferrell and Hart try as they might, but their interestingly matched chemistry is wasted.


6. Jupiter Ascending 

The Wachowski’s can’t help piling on more and more toppings to their gigantic party sub of a story making for a bloated bonkersfest of grand proportions.


5. The Lazarus Effect

...the third act descended into horror drab garbage that quickly and effectively wiped out all the good it was accomplishing. 


4. Mortdecai

A team of experts meticulously went through every single frame with a super efficient comedy vacuum and sucked every laugh from this butthole of a movie.


3. Fantastic Four

...a very bad movie, a ‘special’ very bad movie.


2. Hot Tub Time Machine 2

It’s not like “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” doesn’t have talented people behind and in front of the camera, but as the credits rolled, it sure did come across that way.


And my least favorite film of the year is....

1. Welcome to Me

Everything in this film screams ‘we’re doing something special’, but by the end credits it had me screaming obscenities at this ego-inflated wannabe ‘artsy-indie’.