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Mitch's Top 10 Films of 2016


I feel like that I've been to less movies this year than in years past but that this year definitely harvested a very decent crop.  As always I have missed a few that I shouldn't have but that's just the way it is.  As for the Top 10 Films of 2016, this is just the way that it is.

Click here for 2016 Films Ranked 20-11

ps. shame on those who do their list starting at one and going upwards.  I loathe you.

10.  Too Late

I hope you’re walk into “Too Late” with an empty stomach, because you’re about about to be served a whopping film buffet of awesome.  

9. Hail, Caesar!

It's the Coen Brothers for goodness sake!  Woefully underappreciated and absolutely marvelous.  

8. The Wailing (Goksung)

A daft mixture of Coen brothers dark inept humor, eye scorching gore, and a mystery worth chasing after.

7. La La Land

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling pair up for the third time and better than ever. The two’s natural chemistry is unparalleled in young Hollywood, and they don’t disappoint here.

6. Silence

At this screening I noticed a handful of people walking out before it was well over.  Most of the time that is an example of a poorly made film, but not always.  Martin Scorsese’s latest, “Silence”, is an example of the latter.

5. Everybody Wants Some!

Here is a film perfect in it’s slice of time, killer soundtrack, super talented unknown cast that shouldn’t stay unknown, and perfect in it’s easy going swagger

4. Hell or High Water

A summer film that feels like it should have been released in awards season.  Pine, Foster, and Bridges electrify almost as much as the biting script.  A knock-out must-see!

3. Moonlight

Tender and somber among many things, Barry Jenkins “Moonlight” is hard to quantify but easy to qualify as one of 2016’s best films.

2. Manchester by the Sea

Lonergan’s brilliantly unfolding script and Affleck’s sadness helps to traverse an incredibly deep and profound story.


Drum Roll Please....


1. Arrival

I wept watching this.  It arrived at the right time, how cathartic it is for a story to come along that shows the immense benefits reaped from such a noble endeavor that is communication. 

Till next time...

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