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Mitch's Top Films From 2016 (Ranked #20-11)

May be the lightest film going years since I've started the site.  I've seen about 65 theatrically released films in 2016 and as always I have a 'best of' list.  Here are Top Films of 2016 ranked 20-11.
...this film’s light will definitely shine through for all ages.
All of Ryan Reynolds strengths finally and properlly used in a movie.  About time.
...a wonderfully weird, wonderfully feel-goody film that shows the wonderful pleasure of incomplete people coming together for completion.  
Hearkens back to the beautiful misery that is “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.
I truly believe children can come out of this film with a better grasp on understanding why racism and stereotyping is wrong and hopefully so can some adults.
This is the type of modern horror which I’ve come to praise.
It may be the deepest and most thought provoking fart joke in cinematic history and is definitely worth a toot or two.
Denzel pisses me off sometimes with complete payday schlubs like “The Magnificent Seven”, but Denzel’s acting prowess is in the top 1% of every actor in the world and when he chooses to showcase that, well, you better buy a ticket. Buy a ticket to "Fences".
He mines that genre’s tropes for all it’s worth with his fantastic leads, and just like in “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”, he just absolutely rocks it with a very funny and very compelling detective story.
Just missing cracking the top 10 is Tom Ford's thriller that carries the feeling of getting lost in a good book where the dialogue jumps off the page, and that page gets closer to your face with each turn.

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