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Mitch's Top 10 Films of 2018

I graduated Mortuary School, I saw my little girl Harriet turn one year old, and I moved to Owego New York for work.  The fullest year yet and that resulted in a year where I watched less than 40 theatrical films in 2018 and most of them were seen via my Roku at home.  I now have a job that works about 20 more hours a week then before so I pray my trend over the past years of less and less movies doesn't continue but know that I'm trying.  In past years I would give a blurb from the films review but my site hasn't been active for most of the year so it's basic movie popcorn and potatoes and just a simple listing of my Top 10 Films from 2018.  





9.  A Quiet Place




8.  Mission Impossible: Fallout



7.  Won't You Be My Neighbor





6.  You Were Never Really There




5.  First Reformed




4.  Blindspotting



3.  A Star is Born




2.  Roma




Drum Roll Please...


1.  Paddington 2

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