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What Happened to Monday- review


What Happened to Monday (2017)

Directed by Tommy Wirkola

Starring Noomi Rapace,  Glenn Close,  Willem Dafoe

Running Time 123 Minutes, Rated R.

2 Mitch’s out of 5

Mitch Hansch/movieswithmitch.com


It’s 2073 and overpopulation is muy mal, like asses to elbows mal.  The solution is the Child Allocation Act, a law that makes it so that every family is only allowed but one child, and if another spermy gets by and you have another then that kiddo is nabbed by the Child Allocation Bureau led by a “really going for it” Glenn Close and they put your kid away in a hibernation chamber until things are little less crowded.  Our story involves a group of adult septuplets all played, entertainingly I might add, by “The Girl and the Dragon Tattoo” actress Noomi Rapace who all take on the identity of one person named Karen Setten mentored by their grandfather played by a “not really going for it” Willem Dafoe.  On a rotation, each Settman sister gets the day of the week they were named after which Rapace plays with a delightful “Orphan Black” treatment, until one day one of the sisters, Monday, considered to be the most responsible goes missing and all heck breaks loose.


Decent idea, decent cast, but very bland execution.  You wouldn’t think that coming from the director of “Dead Snow”, but along with a former best blacklist script that feels really muddled, “What Happened to Monday” becomes instantly forgettable.  This is one of those films where you can tell they only had 1-2 days to shoot with either/both Dafoe and Close only having but few select scenes each in not than many different locations. “What Happened to Monday” eventually gets interesting..eventually..but boy it sure does take a while, and too much bland silliness has passed over my retinas to really be able to jump back in and care enough.  What I like attempted here but ultimately doesn’t work is that there are a lot of choices that go against conventional story structure later on in the movie.  I can’t pinpoint why some of those bold choices don’t pay off except for to say that they come off a little too jarring; for example I’m pretty sure that this movie thinks that the Glenn Close’s puppeteer politician villain is actually the film’s hero and that the seven sisters Settman are really the dumb American making choices with their heart not their mind.

Doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, this film isn’t worth the watch.

Romans 12:4-6


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