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The Disaster Artist- review


“The Disaster Artist” (2017)

Directed by James Franco

Starring James Franco, Dave Franco, Ari Graynor

Running Time 104 Minutes, Rated R.

3.5 Mitch’s out of 5

Mitch Hansch/movieswithmitch.com

In 2003 a movie classic was released.  The Oscar went to Rob Marshall’s musical “Chicago”, but that has nowhere near the reverence and following of Tommy Wiseau’s infamous “The Room”.  “The Room” is considered by many to be the worst film of all time, right up their with “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.  What makes those two films legendary ‘must see’ movies is that both Ed Wood and Tommy Wiseau made their film with a heartfelt sincerity that they were delivering something great.  Wiseau personally paid for the film to stay in a movie theater for two weeks so that it could be eligible for the Oscars.  It’s a mind-boggling watch; where a lot of money, $5-6 million of Wiseau’s own money was put up that showcased humans constantly making very inhuman character choices.  To this day “The Room” plays at midnight showings all over the country to sold out audiences, leading Wiseau’s best friend and co-star Greg Sestero to pen a tell all of the production which made it into James Franco’s hands for the effectively very human movie titled “The Disaster Artist”.


James Franco plays the mysterious and odd Tommy Wiseau to perfection.  Franco absolutely captures Wiseau’s easter european marbled accent even though Wiseau hilariously claims to be from New Orleans.  “The Disaster Artist” is basically a buddy movie, wisely focusing on Wiseau and Greg Sestero’s (played by little brother Dave Franco) friendship.  Sestero and Wiseau met up in San Francisco in 1998 where a timid Sestero is drawn to Wiseau’s nutty confidence.  They move to L.A. moving into Wiseau’s nice place he hasn’t used in years, and the two unsuccessfully go after their dream of making it big as actors until they decide to make their own movie.  

The film is funniest when the production of “The Room” begins.  Wiseau becomes a tyrant onset, and his lack of experience and normal judgement play out.  The friendship angle was definitely the right angle to play, and James Franco’s performance could definitely get him his second acting nod. I will say, however, I wasn’t blown away emotionally.   Big Franco and the writers do their best to get you to understand what Tommy being Tommy really is, but we simply can’t understand life from another planet.  Lil’ Franco does fine but doesn’t blow me away either as it’s really hard to understand why Sestero puts up with as much as he does from Wiseau. Regardless, “The Disaster Artist” is fascinating as fact is stranger than fiction.

Proverbs 1:15


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