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Wheelman- review


“Wheelman” (2017)

Directed by Jeremy Rush

Starring Frank Grillo,  Caitlin Carmichael,  Garret Dillahunt

Running Time 82 Minutes

3.5 Mitch’s out of 5

Mitch Hansch/movieswithmitch.com


I’ve got a 4 month old, the joy of my life, really.  But before that joy, my joy was going to the movies at least once a week while averaging almost two new releases a visit.  I just went to the theater for the first time since my child’s birth only two weeks ago, so in the meantime my 2017 released film fix has come mostly by the hand of Netflix and while there are a lot of haters for Netflix (Nolan, Tarantino), I must give thanks.  They’re not all winners; I’m looking at you “Whatever Happened to Monday”, but smaller B-films that may have never seen the light of distribution now can with Netflix, and that light shines bright on the dark noir thriller “Wheelman”.

The main reason this film works is because Frank Grillo is friggen awesome!  You know Frank Grillo..wait you don’t… you’ve seen him, and I’m sure you were like, that guy is good and deserves a starring role, well, here it is.  Grillo, who has long been a supporting player (“The Grey”, “Zero Dark Thirty”, and one my favorite films in the last 10 years “Warrior”) takes the wheel on this film and puts this decent little film over the top with his kick-ass acting chops.  Grillo plays an unnamed getaway driver, aka the Wheelman, who just got out of the pen on a three year stretch but is back doing a job that doesn’t go smoothly.  


Most of the film takes place with Grillo in a car and on the phone, and Grillo knocks it out of the park.  That’s not an easy task, but he’s intense and reactive as an actor.  Many times his glare is enough for dialogue.  In between trying to figure out how this job went FUBAR, he’s also trying to figure out his relationship with his teenage daughter and ex wife until, you guessed it, all those worlds collide.  Jeremy Rush directs this in a way that isn’t paint by numbers, as Grillo and his phone or live interaction confrontations are suspenseful, and I, for one, had no idea how our main character was or is going to get out of this sticky situation.

Can’t over emphasise the power of the Grillo enough.  Kudos to him and kudos to the “Wheelman”.

Hebrews 10:26


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