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Before I Fall- review


“Before I Fall” (2017)

Directed by Ry Russo-Young

Starring Zoey Deutch,  Halston Sage,  Cynthy Wu

Running Time 98 Minutes, Rated PG-13

2 Mitch’s out of 5

Mitch Hansch/movieswithmitch.com


Do you love “Groundhog’s Day”?  Of course you do silly, you’ve got melanin don’t you (sorry albinos).  What if we took that beloved and fun ‘live the same day over and over again’ premise but substituted it with bratty and full of themselves popular high school girls?  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Of course that doesn’t, you’ve got melanin don’t you (sorry albinos).  This sort of premise is meant to teach our stubborn lead a lesson, no matter how long it takes, but oooh wee it’s tough watching when you switch the means of entertainment from the GOAT Bill Murray comedy to YA petty drama.  “Before I Fall” fails to earn that genre trade off from “Groundhog Day”, and even if director Ry Russo-Young could relive 1,000 days in the editing room she still wouldn’t have gotten it right.


While Zoey Deutch ain’t no Bill Murray, I’m not gonna blame her for this film not working.  The spunky young actress had a very nice breakout role in Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some” that I particularly enjoyed, and here she proves the spotlight of such a demanding role.  Deutch plays Samantha, who worked her way up into the popular girl clique and has the cutest boyfriend, if not played and written a little generic douchey, who she is planning on letting deflower her later that evening at a big party.  Besides Samantha, the nails on a chalkboard quartet of ladies includes Ally the needy one (Cynthia Wu), Elody the lush one (Medalion Rahimi), and Lindsay (Halston Sage)  the bitchy ringleader are.  At said party the four rip into social outcast Juliet (Elena Kampouris) including everyone pouring their drinks on her.  But come uppance is a bitch as on their drive home they get into a pretty nasty car crash, and Samantha wakes up the next morning but it’s still Febuary 12th the previous morning. Rinse and repeat.

Director Russo-Young spends too much time in the film’s beginning showing just how nasty and annoying these girls are, and while Deutch can grab our empathy, the other girls, especially actress Halston Sage cannot; that becomes quickly grating.  Also this film suffers from what seems to be editor’s disease.  Scenes come out of nowhere that seem like there was a bigger storyline shot at some point, but the director was pressured to do more cutting than wanted.  A scene where Samantha gives her slightly older teacher the ‘sexy what for’ comes out of nowhere, and whatever issue those two characters had was never brought up again.  There is a second girl who comes under the wrath of the cool girls because of sexual orientation.. I think… that dichotomy seems wildly uneven as well.  

From V.O. Samantha seems to get her plot pretty quickly, and the lesson should be pretty obvious but her character isn’t written smart enough and even when it is tackled it’s done in a pretty lackadaisical and ineffective way.  

I learned my lesson my right away from “Before I Fall”, I will not watch it again.  

Romans 7:15


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