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Spiderman: Homecoming- review


“Spiderman: Homecoming” (2017)

Directed by Jon Watts

Starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Zendaya

Running Time 133 Minutes, Rated PG-13

3.5 Mitch’s out of 5

Mitch Hansch/movieswithmitch.com


Was not a fan of the last installment of Spidey.  Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had chemistry, but Marc Webb had no control over those two films, they were a mess where it felt like as much as possible was flung on the web to see what stuck and the answer was not much.  Spiderman is back, and this time Sony gave control to Marvel who have a habit that they don’t; getting these kinds of pictures right and “Spiderman: Homecoming” is done right.

Young Brit Tom Holland got the new Spidey gig by showing off his parkour and dance skills, that and he can act. Holland is fantastic as the new Peter Parker, showcasing the energy you once had at 16 years old, he just so happens to have the most awesome of powers, and it’s a blast to watch him at it.  How’d he get those powers you didn’t ask; and neither does this film thank the Lord Almighty! Correctly assuming that everyone in the world knows his origin story, they spend all but two lines of dialogue getting us up to date.   


Peter has these powers, and after briefly getting to use them to his perceived potential with Team Tony Stark in “Captain America: Civil War” he was left on the sidelines getting nothing more than misdemeanor duty in Queens, NY (another miracle that it doesn’t have to take place in Manhattan).  Peter sees his opportunity to shine when he comes across a high end and high teched thief who goes by the name Vulture Man, played by the amazing Michael Keaton who wonderfully represents the working class’ struggle.  16 year olds do what 16 year olds do and screw up, and they either learn from the lesson or they don’t.  Peter is a smart kid.

Praise be for the eclectic cast that shows all the usual melanomas that Queens has to offer.  I walked out thinking there wasn’t as much grandeur as needed, but then I realized that’s what gets his predecessor in trouble, having 13 villains and 16 subplots going.  The CGI still felt a bit cartoony for me, and a very small part played by Donald Glover whom I enjoy came off very much like “I’m Acting!” which is the second time I’ve seen him do that (“The Martian”), but by the end of it I was happy to see that my neighborhood hero has returned.   

Job 8:14


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